Over the last few years, a number of really useful websites and system across the Church of England have emerged.  Each of these systems has their role to play in supporting you on a day to day basis.  

The CofE Portal is located here https://cofeportal.org/

Its purpose is simplify access for you and to bring together all of the sites and systems under just one username and password.   The Portal has 13 sites listed to date and new ones are being added all of the time. 

So if you already use one of the below sites, it would be beneficial to you to set up a Portal account.  It is very easy to do and you can sign up by clicking on this link https://cofeportal.org/register

  • CMS Database - 34 Diocese are now using CMS to track People, Posts and Places across their Diocese.  This is often a system that is open to Clergy and people in parish roles.  You should make contact with you Diocese and ask if you can use this system
  • Parish Buying - Buying and saving together 
  • A Church Near You - A Christian presence in every community 
  • Parish Resources - Resources to support the local church
  • Church of England - Main CofE website 
  • Parish Returns - Submit your Return of Parish Finance, Statistics for Mission and your Energy Footprint Tool 
  • Online Faculty System - Submit your faculty online 
  • Church Support 
    • Support Hub 
    • Print Hub
  • Life Events Diary - The life events Diary is an online administration tool to help streamline the administration of Baptism, Banns, and Funerals
  • ChurchCare - ChurchCare is the comprehensive source of information for everyone managing a church building 
  • Maintenance Booker - Book accredited contractors experienced in church and historic building maintenance
  • Church Urban Fund (CUF) - Support the Church of England empowering local people to address areas of greatest need in their communities, and speak out against injustice. 
Last modified: Wednesday, 24 June 2020, 4:13 PM